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The the vision and targets of Olympia Hellas are best depicted in the simple design of our logo.

Five circles, inextricably connected,

Five green and olympic circles,

Green, as nature and its products. Nature, that combines all the five elements of matter and green, which is the colour of regeneration, harmony, balance, social contribution and altruism,

Olympic, as five continents, Olympic ideal, the maximum degree of body, mind and soul development, combined with the highest ideal of freedom, competition and sportsmanship,

Five circles, as many as the senses, as many as the tastes. We work for them and bow to the memory that comes through the centuries as the wind, carrying flavors from Greece. Greece, our country of 2 continents and 5 seas. The unforgettable motherland and the Town of Towns, Constantinople, the town of flavors, the town that balances between East and West, our roots, our identity,

Five circles, that mark our endless effort for the holistic approach of our products and services throughout the food chain, from the field to the hands of the end consumer, where nature meets respect and quality.

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7th Km NR Kalamata-Messini
  Industrial Area of Kalamata
  24100 Greece
+30 27210 69105
+30 27210 69785

Aρ. Γ.Ε.ΜΗ.: 15502345000

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